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Start Your New Beginning With

Listen First Consulting, LLC

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Our Mission

Listen First Consulting, LLC is a company established with a dual purpose.

First, it is designed specifically to help adults who are at a transition point in life such as: 

  • a change in their work status or livelihood 

  • returning to the community from incarceration

  • divorce/separation or death of a loved one or

  • facing financial uncertainty and need assistance in identifying next steps and direction for themselves

We do this by offering an established personal insight program which helps individuals focus on their innate talents and gifts. This is a ninety-day guided coaching program which helps individuals identify what career path is best suited to them. Development of a professional resume is available in this program.

Second, Listen First Consulting, LLC provides for the facilitation of effective communication practices for small business owners who are experiencing and have identified low morale as a barrier to production or goal accomplishment among their employees. This program begins with a program assessment of current communications practices and ends with a new communication practice model.

Mission Statement

Meet Our Founder Dr. Carrie A. Colella

Hello Everyone,

I'm Carrie Alexander Colella, Ed.D . I am "mom" to three college educated adult children and part of a sibling group of five.

I am an award winning, published author of "Communication: The Heart of Organizational Leadership" I hold a Masters of Social Work degree with a concentration of displaced populations. My BA degree is in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. My Doctorate is in Organizational Leadership in Business.

I am also a certified Dream Builder Coach from the Life Mastery Institute of transformational Coaching in Los Angeles, CA. I have completed numerous courses in the "feminine power" theoretical approach, and based on my experience and education I have landed on working with women and their powerful contribution to the family and to society.

I have twenty-four years of Social Work practice in child welfare and family services. I am very interested in working with women re-entering the community from incarceration. 

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Communication and Race in America
Communication and Race in America
Jun 25, 2020, 7:20 PM
Zoom Meetings


Mountain Ridge


Hear it from our satisfied clients

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I have to admit, I thought the odds were stacked against me at this stage of my life, but after a few sessions with Dr. Colella, I now know , I can do this."  

Diana Waldman
Founder at

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As Dr. Colella told me when I first met her, "Never let your past stop you from following your dreams. Start where you are and change your future.

Eric Leon 
VP Marketing Mobile.ze

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I turned my passion of crafts into my business. Sometimes with a little motivational support we can make a living doing what we love to do."

Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose



Grab a copy of my latest book 

Communication: The Heart of  Organizational Leadership

Communication in the workplace is generally viewed as directives from management to the workforce. However, the flow of information from the workforce to management should be viewed as equally important. According to Webster (2012), communication is defined as "to make known or to express oneself effectively".

My Book

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